First day first time first finds


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Jan 9, 2013
NE Texas
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Garrett AT Pro, Teknetics Delta 4000
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Metal Detecting
:hello2:Just got a Bounty Hunter Discovery 1100 wanted to buy a higher model but i did not have the money for it. But the detector works great after working with it for a day off and on uring the first day. I found a 1983 quater at 3" deep and a 1999, 1983, 1971 penny all 3" to 4"s deep. also found a lot a scrap metal and parts of aluminum. But I did find a 4" to 5" metal ring with an "S" shaped hook attacked to it(looks like some kind of hanging ring but it was 5 to 6" deep still soaking it to get a better look at it after cleaning it. But all in all it was great I AM HOOKED First Day First Time and I hit some coinage.:headbang: Oh and by the way what is Loonies and Toonies?

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That's a great start, my first coin was a 1973 penny

First off let me welcome you to TreasureNet, imho, the best treasure hunting site going!
Yup sounds like you are Hooked Deeply, Just don't get discouraged, there's up day's and down
day's Sounds like an up day for sure! A few words of advice to you, make sure you keep extra
batteries with you at all times, make sure you get your ciol connector cable tight to your shaft
( it will keep you from getting false signals). And alway's get permission for where you are hunting
dig good plugs and be sure to fill them, Make the place look better when you leave than when you arrived
If you find things you cannot Id, post them on the What is it ? forum there's lots of very smart and nice people waiting there to help. Keep up the good work, We can't wait to see your next finds............HH

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