First gold!

Dougie Webb

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Jun 14, 2019
Stone Mountain, Georgia
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Fisher F5
Garrett Ace 200
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Metal Detecting
I'm back from the dead - stupid job has been making me work and the lovely life has been insisting I finish the two cars I have torn apart, lowering our property values. But my boy and I occasionally have been sneaking away to an elementary school near us for a quick hunt. It's never been touched from what I can see and it's always good for several coins, which keeps my son coming back. But the other night, we found this dinky little ring, which made us happy as-is, but then we brought it home only to find out it was gold! 10K, to be sure, and still pretty dinky, but it was thrilling nonetheless. And finding it with my boy made it extra-special...and a bonus is that "A" is the initial of his first name!

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