Fisher 1236x2 versus Tesoro Cibola


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Feb 22, 2008
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Fisher 1270 with 5", 8",5x10",10-1/2",12" HotHead Coils, Fisher CZ-5 with 8",10-1/2" coils, Tesoro Compadre
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All Treasure Hunting
I had a 1236x2 a while back and now have a Cibola I think the Cibola is a lot better detector I am finding more coins and jewelry than I ever did with the 1236 I used to swear by Fisher but now I am a Tesoro man! The older Fishers is awesome such as the 1266x's on depth but when it comes down to it I think the Tesoros are a lot simpler and have a lot less chatter and are just overall a better detector!


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Aug 6, 2005
In Michigan now.
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Excal 1000, Excal II, Sovereign GT, CZ-20, Tiger Shark, Tejon, GTI 1500, Surfmaster Pulse, CZ6a, DFX, AT PRO, Fisher 1235, Surf PI Pro, 1280-X, many more because I enjoy learning them. New Garrett Ca
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All Treasure Hunting
So if you are asking which one is the better detector it is impossible as each is different. Its like which golf clup is the better one. It will depend on your style of hunting.


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Dec 6, 2009
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Deep Tech Vista RG 1000, Deep Tech Vista Gold, Deep Tech RELIC, Garrett prop pointer.....bazooka gold 36" gold trap, Angus MacKirk Grubstake sluice, my version of mikes trommel, echo crevice vac, Gold
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All Treasure Hunting
well you have quite a spread there in khz the fisher being 5khz and the tesoro running at 14khz now i 've ownd both (actually the vaquero) and this is my experience if i'm hunting old silver the fisher would be my choice where the tesoro if i were hunting bullets and that sort of thing the sensitivty is better on higher freqed machines most of the time some of my best coin finds were using machines actually between 8 and 12 khz

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