For the first time in nearly 3 years.


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Feb 22, 2020
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I cant believe it! i just received a call from my pops that I can finally search half’s!

In 2019-2020, I was a major time coin hunter, every day, if not every moment. I had unimaginable luck, and I especially liked half dollars. due to covid, my streak was heavily lost due to the coin shortage, and I haven’t been able to really hunt at all since.
Recently, April-May ish, I got back into the grove, and with the coin shortage loosening I had my hobby back up and running. my main hope since I came back was to look through at least ONE roll of half’s, barely even a box! I’ve tried 3 banks, my local unable to. I then tried my grandmas bank. (They have previously been ver helpful). I had no hope as it never seems to work on Long Island, i just thought my half dollar wrappers and silver rolls would never be used again. but today, I got the call that changed everything! THEY GOT IT! They have a box of halves waiting of me! I’m so excited to finally, FINALLY open a roll of halves once again. even if this is the only I can open for MONTHS I am still unbelievably happy I can do it. Expect a DETAILED thread on this experience, even if I have NOTHING!

Also do you guys want a (throwback Thursday) thread? I have a lot of archived hunts I could revive from the past? LMK!
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