Fors gold plus my first ever detector


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Oct 23, 2016
Cedar Park, Texas
Detector(s) used
Nokta fors gold plus, tesoro lobo supertraq, Makro gold racer, Nokta Makro Anfibio
Primary Interest:
Yep, it's my first detector. My grandson's brought over there $20 wallyworld detectors and let me try em out, next day bought the nokta, 3 wks later purchased a tesoro lobo. I guess you could say I'm hooked. I ordered a used mxt 10yrs ago online, the detector was damaged on arrival and insurance covered it but always wanting one sense.
My first impressions of the nokta were very good. Bought it mainly with nugget hunting in mind even though I live in Texas. I visited a friend in Havasu and he showed me some likely places and I thought the nokta would be a good first choice.
Lot's of research was done and all dual purpose detectors were considered. Including the mxt again.
90% of my detecting will be coins, jewelry and relics but that's ok cuz my heart is in the nuggets.
I like the fst mode best for arnd here ... more tones and a quicker response time. So far it's been musket balls, pennies and trash. That's 2 hrs of use with the machine sense owning it. An air test with a test nugget helped assure me this detector was a good first choice.
All in all the detector seems very well built and was what I was expecting.
The Tesoro lobo is a back up detector when hunting nuggets out of state, this was another detector I've been wanting for quite sometime and couldn't pass on the great deal the guy was offering. Thanks for reading

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