Fossils? I found in MN on the Mississippi


Jan 17, 2024
Twin cities Minnesota
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Garret AT Pro
Garett Pro Pointer
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All Treasure Hunting
Found what I believe are fossils , not certain what kind these may be, found all on the Mississippi River just north of Minneapolis

Item 1 : heavy and waxy like agate, coral?

Item 2 : similar to item 1 but holes are inconsistent,is this a rock of sort and not fossil?

Item 3: almost looks like a mushroom, not as dense as 1&2

Item 4: what the heck is this? Natural rock or fossil of some kind?

Item#5: very dense rock and almost looks like a screw indentation on the outside, fossil or mineral that eroded over time?

Any help on any of these items would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for your time!! F849A96C-1072-4D3C-881F-D65B424C5EEA.jpeg 1D57C92E-8A42-4AB5-A128-A305A49B68A2.jpeg 42A7A0D3-7C3A-47F4-AED5-CBB44E58CC8D.jpeg E84A982D-7DB9-423B-9CDE-80BB569E39EF.jpeg 4CD9DF3C-4367-4B2C-B532-39C9915E3586.jpeg 642E1F20-B12A-40FA-B991-6F51AEB47C96.jpeg CB9094BE-5201-4BED-9900-679BBDD7BA32.jpeg C0AABC3D-BEA3-4586-AF4D-CCA1A656439C.jpeg 57C255DC-30A9-491B-994F-D8DB1FA5C9F5.jpeg D7268945-EA30-4036-83E4-29256525DD3F.jpeg A5978CD8-0AC2-4C08-B9C1-3B3FD71102F1.jpeg 4AB7FE91-9238-4856-B022-BF10BA375D9F.jpeg 3CF65192-9FB9-4FF6-840A-EC7D3C06605C.jpeg 2B9CC5FD-1BD4-435A-A9B5-005B3AC3DECC.jpeg 38AB2514-9AB1-4630-9BD8-BD37014632AC.jpeg D0145AB4-F891-47BD-91C5-36225B5EE72D.jpeg 52EDE51E-3FCD-4C54-8871-13939CB0BEB7.jpeg 21945BE8-A78F-4A1E-81D7-32F3DBF9F1F0.jpeg B18486F8-AC56-4A2D-BFF8-AE47DF3B2298.jpeg AA6D360D-6132-4D80-B22F-256A24C17E99.jpeg

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