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Dec 27, 2012
lower hudson valley, N.Y.
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Well after a couple week hiatus the vixen finally came around. She is a lot younger than Blackie, may even be one of his daughters. Still waiting for them to bring some babies by. Dizzy warned about feeding the foxes worried that the young ones won't learn to hunt. Well, my neighbor shoots squirrels on his bird feeders and another shoots chipmunks on his berry plants and I trap a lot of mice in my house. I feed all of above to the foxes, they do know what game is. Foxes main diet is mice, moles, and voles. The fox population here has suffered a plague of sarcoptic mange for the last two years, and it can and will kill whole local populations of foxes since they are social creatures. I have spent a lot of money on ivermectin which is a cure for the sarcoptic mange, and have dosed the foxes that come by for food and saved their lives by doing so. It isn't easy, they need a small dose every three days for four weeks and a dose every five days for another month to completely cure them. The ivermectin is also a medicine to kill worms so they are likely a lot more healthy than without it. That nasty mange hasn't showed up so far this year but I have been giving them small doses once a month as a preventative. I have seen other foxes in terrible shape from the sarcoptic mange and am sure some have died. Anyways, here's some pics of the pretty vixen, she is more shy than Blackie and harder to photograph. She is just so cute!!


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Dec 9, 2012
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Awesome job with the Ivermectin.....:occasion14:

Mice and small rodents are their natural diet, and hopefully they'll
continue to hunt those in the area.


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Sep 23, 2010
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Beautiful thanks for the great post with such nice details

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