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May 8, 2014
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Added a tek gamma 6000 to my arsenal a couple of weeks ago and really like it..It is the 8" concentric coil and am hunting a real trashy demo'ed school with lots of junk,machine is darn good as is but wondering if the 5" dd or the nel 9.5 x 5.5 Sharpshooter would work better..I know the 5" dd would be best all out trash but i'm looking for the best overall improvement,trash and depth..2 birds with one stone type thing,but i know the 5" has a stellar reputation but what about the NEL coil? Info welcome,:blackbeard:

Gamma Coils

I have both the Gamma and omega. I use the nels sharpshooter on the gamma and the stock coil on the omega. If you are in real trashy areas I would get a 5 inch coil whether nels or Teknetics. The sharpshooter is ok in moderate trash, but would be no match to some of the 4-5 inch coils I have used on BH, Fisher, and Tesoro. My next coil purchase will be a 5 inch coil from nels. I not convinced they are better than the teknetics coil, but they are cheaper. My sharpshooter is very well made and is reliable. I don't hunt as much in real trashy areas as I hunt sports fields, fresh water swimming beaches, volley ball courts, ect. I would say a 5 inch coil is tailor made for the gamma and omega in the right conditions. Good luck!

The 5" is the bomb, just gotta go slow!

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