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Apr 29, 2010
Indianapolis, IN
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Just ordered my new GB Pro. Cant wait to get it a swinging! Any suggestions for keeping pull tabs and screw caps dug to a minimum? For you users out there of the G2/GBPRO lineup, what vdi numbers do these items ring up as numerically? What do YOU DO to keep the digging of these to a minimum, if anything?

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I don`t know where you are, and i don`t usually respond if i don`t.
If your talking pull tabs and screw caps ...then i guess you are hunting parks and sites in town ?
I used to have the G2 and it drove me nuts in the high trash of a park....but in a high Iron area it shines.The 5"DD coil well help a lot in the parks as well .
Pull tabs and screw caps i found to be very hard to tell the difference with the G2....but the old crimp on Caps as you swing the coil pull the coil slowly to you and as the tip of the coil comes off the target the # drop off and you will get the Iron Grunt.
As for pull tabs i dig all i can find, the gold signals are in there....but i don`t hunt in town to much.
Take the GB Pro to an old foundation and pick through the Iron Great machine for that or Gold hunting ....not much gold you can find with a metal detector if any in N.Y.

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Thank you Gary! I am doing some coin shooting (hopefully older homesites and parks) but will mostly be doing CW relic hunting in KY.

So do the pull tabs still "get to you?" In other words, after using the G2, etc, did you learn to notice the difference in sound/VDI vs something that is worth a good dig? I'm just wondering if I will be able to decifer the differences? If that makes sense.

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