Georgian mahogany cabinet UK


Jul 27, 2021
Lincolnshire England
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I have recently won this mahogany cabinet at auction for a cracking ?12. I believe it is pre 1860.

I'm wondering if anyone can help me identify the makers mark? I have been searching for days

I'd be grateful for any information. Thanks in advance.


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Jul 27, 2006
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Welcome to TreasureNet.

Nice cabinet, hopefully a member will be able to help you.


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Dec 23, 2019
Surrey, UK
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I can’t help with the maker, but it’s not going to be “pre-1860”.

The icon has the word “REGd” above it, so the image is presumably a registered trademark and from an English-speaking country (ie not continental Europe, the Far East or whatever). That means America or Britain (with Canada as an outside possibility and Australia as an even more unlikely possibility).

Trademark registration in the US became possible under the “Trademark Act of 1870”, with the first mark being registered on 30th August. Similarly, trademark registration began in the UK with the “Trademarks Registration Act 1875”, and the first registration was granted on 1st January the following year.

I’ve searched the databases for both countries and not found a match to the image, whether for furniture or other types of goods. The problem is that I’m not absolutely sure what the image represents and that ID is needed to do a search. It looks to me like a telescope mounted on a tripod, so I searched for telescope depictions… but if it’s something else then it won’t have shown up for my searches.

If you have any suggestions for what else the image might be intended to be then I would be happy to search again.

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