Ghost Towns of the United States KMZ files for GE

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Apr 3, 2013
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Here are two KMZ files that will display all the known ghost towns of the USA. The second KMZ seems more like historic locations and less about ghost towns but I figure I'd upload it anyway.

View attachment Ghosttowns-USA.kmz

View attachment 227754-Ghosttowns.kmz

Many of these locations are probably off limits but some may be open to checking out but they will require further research. To learn how to research the land status, read Master Title Plats, etc here are some good tutorial links to check out:

Tutorials Archive

To look up land status and get the MTP you can use your State map if available at the following link.
This program like some GIS programs uses a zoom feature in which you draw a box around the area you want to zoom to rather than clicking on the map. I wanted to mention this as just clicking on the map will zoom in very close and this zoom feature can take a minute to get used to.

Land Status Maps

Useful Public Land Survey Layers for Google Earth can be found at this link:

PLSS in Google Earth

BLM GLO page Search - BLM GLO Records

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