going to N-Italy need help


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Apr 13, 2017
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Dear fellow prospectors,

I live in Germany and will be going to N-Italy soon. Latest 11th September 2021 but most likely 1 week earlier. I will be hitting the ELVO river and surrounding area. I would love to meet some local prospectors and/or detectorists to have a better chance of finding some gold and make new friends. I have heard of a nugget field or pasture in this area. Does anybody have some more precise information? I will be bringing my sluice box, pans and if it makes sense my SDC 2300 and/or Equinox 800. All your kind help and info is highly appreciated.



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Good luck. They have a variety of MD laws in Italy (per internet). Any known ruin is totally off limits. You must have permission from all landowners to detect. The following places allow no detecting whatsoever. Calabria.
Valle d’Aosta.

Billions worth of Hitler's gold still floating around underground...good luck :)

many thanks for all your good suggestions. I do have the permission of the state of Piemont to prospect. I have been told (not officially) that this includes the gold prospecting and for private property I need the permission of the owner. I am just planning on checking dig holes left by others if there is a good flake left. All flakes I found there some 3 years ago my Equinox 800 will pick up easily. So it makes good sense to me to try it. Whatever it is I will have fun being out in nature working my ass off. This will be good for me after a whole year of homeoffice due to COVID (man it sucks). Can't see my friend in California but fortunately my wife can see our granddaughters in Canada.
AU2U God bless!

many thanks for the link.....that's the place to go......but where is it????

Hi Don,

many thanks! I contacted them and we'll meet on the campground when I get there and have a chat and some beer together!

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