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Apr 3, 2011
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Got the 6 inch DD CoilTek treasure seeker coil in my mail box today. Took it out to a trashy city park and went around the shelter house where I've been quite a few times and it sniffed out a few cents here and there in the trash. Going to try it out at a old house tomorrow that is quite trashy and see if any coins will turn up. Heres picture of the new coil besides my old FSB800 coil.

5_28_2015 6 inch 8 inch.jpg

Gets you a bit closer to playground equipment, also I found a Quarter that was on edge last night it was not that deep but the signal was like 33 on Etrac conductive scale, I saw the quarters reeded edge pulled it out and thought hmm I sure didn't have a Quarter level signal. Checked again with my pinpointer and there was a Nickel on edge right next to where the quarter was but a bit deeper. Also found my first ring with the new coil last night a kids ring that rang in at 11 just below what most pull-tab-tails separated read.

Wish I had the patience to use that small a coil!

You'd be surprised. You just have to swing a little faster and walk a little slower. Better target separation and pinpointing saves as much time as confusing multiple signals under a large coil might cost you. For coin shooting and general woods poking I haven't used a coil over 6" wide in several years. Best of both worlds is a DD that's 9" or 10" long but 5" or 6" wide.

Nice! Everyone is getting new equipment! Gonna be tons of Banner finds now!

GL HH! Bring home the GOLD!

Tried the new coil at a trashy old home site here, found first Axe head with the coil! Did not find any coins this time.

Today at a new to me spot I got 11 quarters and 6 dimes 3 nickels and 7 cents. Got rained out or I would have had more. Seemed like a good hunt to me and feel like I got a few quarters that were closer to items like fences that other larger coils would have missed.

UPDATE : last hunt

Got 17 quarters, 15 dimes, 6 nickels, 11 copper cents and around 10 zinc cents those went in the trash. A pretty decent hunt for three and a half hours ! Nickel count is double last hunt. Hard to get many Nickels at that site any wadded up aluminum foil ball the right size sounds very nickel like.

Took the new coil out to another spot today , got one of those President medallion and some bling and a decent amount of clad coins.

6_2_2015 presi n bling.jpg

Also a possible homemade fishing weight?

6_2_2015 crude fishweight.jpg

MY BH 505 has a 8" and a small 3 or 4" gold shooter, too bad no nuggets around here to try it

MY BH 505 has a 8" and a small 3 or 4" gold shooter, too bad no nuggets around here to try it

The gold shooter coil should get you a bit closer to fences, playground equipment, and work great in trashed out areas. So a good tot-lot hunting coil. And also be more sensitive to small jewelry targets than the eight inch coil.

Todays small coil finds updates

Today I hunted. a couple of spots and got a 48 wheat along with the clad. On one signal that read out as 33 conductive this little item.:headbang:
Popped it out of the soil with my screwdriver.

6_5_2015 charm front.jpg
A charm I think or earring maybe?
Was super shiny and easy to see. What does RQC STER stand for?

6_5_2015 charm marks.jpg

Ster should mean sterling silver but I've no idea on the first letters meaning.
It is about the size of a dime but much thinner. Thanks for checking out the post :coffee2:

Update RQC means Rembrandt Charms brand and from what I've read the Sterling versions are all Rhodium plated to prevent tarnish / corrosion. That must explain the immaculate shine the item had with nary a bit of dirt clinging upon finding the item in the dirt.

Top hunt on clad count so far for the 6 Inch coil is 23 quarters and 28 dimes ! Though I was on fire that day ! haha

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