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Aug 1, 2012
Nashville TN
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I am on vacation on the grand cayman and have been searching a few public beaches in the water and out with nothing but a decorative ring and clad to show for it. I know that there are a few of you out there that know their way around down here and I'd appreciate any help I can get.

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I was hoping for some pictures! 8-)

I dunno. In my limited hunting here on our local GA beaches, I've not done much better... some clads, mostly. Twice I found gold rings, but that was it.

I'd say if your machine is finding clad coins and junk jewelry, it's working OK and maybe you aren't doing anything wrong. Beach hunters have it down to a science and know when sand is being deposited by the tides and when it is being washed away. Around here, I've found that I seldom get any signals at all on most of the beach, but when I do get them, they all seem to be at the same level of the beach... sort of an imaginary line between the high and low tide levels.

Make any sense? Eh, probably not. I'm not much of a beach hunter.

I think maybe all you'll need is a little patience and luck?

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