Ground balance in Florida


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Jun 16, 2022
Strange thing when you would try to manually gb on the sandy soil here it would neither be positive or negative no matter where I tried locally
Fixed gb machines worked as well as auto, manual.
Is it possible that ground balancing in some places really doesn’t matter?
Obviously places that are heavily mineralized and other scenarios require gb to work properly but places with little to no mineralization is it that maybe no matter what you set it to it will not make a difference?
Really would like to hear from those that know alot about gb and especially if they used detectors in Florida. Not talking about on the beach or in water where there is salt water but just the dry inland ground which is basically all sandy soil.
We don’t have the dark rich soil, clay etc you would find around other parts of the country.
It actually pretty hard to even grow most plants, trees and crops unless it’s native
You might have some top soil under sod and some areas but you keep digging and basically one big sand bar with the exception of lime stone near the water in these parts
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