Halves as advertised (almost)


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Dec 15, 2018
NYC area
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Picked up 2 rolls of halves along with some other coins at a bank today

halves1 1-27.jpg

As you can see, one was marked 1971 and the other, 13 1967, 6 1972, and 1 1974.
Opened the roll, and it contained 12 1967, 1, 1971, the 6 1972 and the 1974. Not complaining at all about the 1 less 1967. Just happy to get some silver.
The 1971 roll was a MWR that was never opened. I usually save those when I get them - just because I know all the coins in there are uncirculated.

Thanks for looking and HH

halves2 1-27.jpg

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