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Dec 10, 2012
las cruces NM
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garret ace 250
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All Treasure Hunting
]I found this old knife at a ghost town from around the 1800's that is located in new mexico some where around the town of hillsboro.
I found it while walking around in side an old cabin like building i was looking around when i reached up an grabbed on to one of the cross beams on the ceiling and felt something strange so i grabbed hold of it and before i realized i had found a knife it was awesome just holding it in my hands.This is one of my best finds to date.View attachment 711 122222.jpg000000000000.jpg777777777.jpg55555555.jpg1234.jpg1234.jpg12345.jpg123456.jpg417[/ATTACH]IMG_1025.JPG

Way cool find! Anything stamped on the tang? Letters, numbers?

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