1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Old Warranted Butcher's Cleaver

    I found this old warranted butcher's cleaver in the trash a few days ago. I think it's from the late 19th century or the early 20th at the very latest, but I haven't been able to find any information about the company that produced it. Has anyone any information on the company E. V. Alford &...
  2. Flint Knife

    Hello, This past Tuesday before the cold set in I was able to get to my Go to spot in this field (that hasn't really produced lately because of no rain) & was actually able to find something, the first pic is when I walked up on it, because of the location/color I was sure it was something, &...
  3. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Unknown knife

    I bought this knife at a sale today. The blade has been seriously abused, but it bears a CASE logo. This Case logo is not one with which I am familiar, so I'm wondering if this is a knockoff knife, or whether I just don't know enough about Case knives! Thanks. .
  4. Is this Knife old? What type of metal?

    HI! I recently found this knife, along with some old bottles, dampers, forks, shotgun shells, etc. The knife is really heavy for its size. I was able to polish up the metal blade easily with some steel wool. The handle is very solid. Cant tell if it is stone or some type of metal that has been...
  5. Help with Touch Mark Identification on c. 1600s Folding Knife

    Hello everyone, I wanted to see if anyone could help identify the touchmark ( +o+ ) on this c.1600s folding pocket knife found along the Main River near Frankfurt, Germany. It's believed to be a soldier's knife from the 30 Years War in Central Europe per the antique shop owner where the knife...
  6. ✅ SOLVED Anyone heard of a Cavendi Knife?

    Found this vintage knife. It's marked : " Cavendi " Can't find anything relating to it. Possibly a Bakelite handle. Anyone got anything on this knife? Thx
  7. ✅ SOLVED Is this a DAGGER?!

    What do you think this could be??? A dagger??? It was found in a park.
  8. Inherited possible native artifacts? Arrowheads/knives?

    Hi everyone, thanks in advance your help with these. My grandpa left pails of rocks in his garage when he passed, which after some investigation over the years I’m thinking might be native artifacts? Doing some spring cleaning so I decided to finally clean them up and snap some pictures to...
  9. Odd Style Arrowhead

    Hello All! This is my first post in this forum and I plan to show a few more that I've stumbled upon. I found this piece while metal detecting the edge of a pond runout that had been dug out to increase depth. I've found a few arrowheads in my time but nothing like this. Any info would be...
  10. ✅ SOLVED Pen knife or razor?

    I found this at a house built in 1820. It has a rusted iron/steel part, some other non-metallic metal parts, and the whitish outside material looks like bone. It doesn't look or feel like wood. And the narrow rusted iron "blade" is pivots about it's middle, not its end, as it would for a pocket...
  11. Drill,Knife & Quartz knife tip

    Hello, :hello: I got out in my favorite creek today & on the walk to it I found what I thought was a flint chip with mud on it so I picked it up (thank goodness!), when I got home & washed it off I got a very nice surprise! :headbang: A quartz knife tip ( & just to let you know in this SMALL...
  12. KNIFE TIP?

    Hello, Got out a little this week but this is all i found,looks like a bi-faced knife tip? Better then getting skunked! lol :headbang: I just thought i would share with the site.
  13. Some Knives "one special"

    These are just a few of the knives I have detected with my Tesoro Eldorado (lunch box) 1988 model and still digging strong:icon_thumright: The first and third knife from the left where made from files and were found in old mining town and the two butter knives and pocket knife found there also...
  14. Pakistan Folding Knife

    I went to a local flea market today. I am not a knife collector but I usually see a lot of folding knives with wooden handles being sold. I really don't pay any mind to them since I like looking for jewelry. There was a table with a whole lot of small zip lock bags stuffed with watches, jewelry...
  15. WHAT IS IT ???

    Ok guys first post here. I know this is a copper culture arrowhead from WI. But I have no clue what type of arrowhead or the age of it. And ill never sell it but how much is it worth ?
  16. Civil War Knife (real or fake?)

    Is this knife from the Civil war era? If so, does the carving look to the Period?
  17. Obsidian Knife, Scrapper, Tool Found in Franklin County East Texas

    I have dug ten's of thousands of holes in the last 5 winters at this ranch we have stayed at in east Texas (Private Property with owners consent) always keeping my eyes open for Native American Artifacts while Metal Detecting. I even hunt while taking walks with my husband as my eyes are always...
  18. Old Glass & Gold Knife, Spoon & Fork What are they?

    I would love to hear your thoughts on how old these are, where they might have been made, their style They're all a little over 7" in length, weigh around 1.5 oz each and have very nice details the only markings I can find is a (13) stamped on the knife's blade thanks!!!
  19. A Friday find

    I went out for a bit on Friday Oct the 16th. I found this Knife? It looks like it's hafted on both sides, but the channels(?) go up each side,it doesn't look anything like a point. Any ideas? Thanks, Phil
  20. Return To The Copper Culture Beach

    After spending the last 6 days in the madness of Chicago....I'm back detecting at my old copper culture beach, beautiful night with crystal clear water, loons calling and no city insanity. The junk. I met a dude last year on the beach that told me he lost his binoculars a few years ago...