Hello! every detector fans of TH


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Jul 22, 2013
Covina, CA
Detector(s) used
Explorer XS Pro-pointer
Ace 350
White's 6000DI pro
Tesoro Cortes
Bounty Hunter Camo LS
Primary Interest:
Beach & Shallow Water Hunting
This message is from a far far away place called China.:hello2:
The detection hobby is not popular here since many place is restrict to detect.
I use a 2000 year Minelab explorer xs ,a White's 6000di and a ace 350 from Garrett. Use a Propointer for pinpoint. Original products for sure. :laughing7:
Beach hunting is my favorite. I will post some finds in the near future.

Hope you all have good luck to discovery more:hello2:

From Louisiana....
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OK that's helpful.

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