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Sep 12, 2022
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Hi all! I found this sign in Montenegro. I can't find any information about this sign anywhere. Does anyone know what this sign is?
Inscription - St. EGYDYER WIEN-St. AEGUD a.N.
Size 25 x 30 mm.
The material is like copper. Sincerely, Alexander.


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Dec 23, 2019
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Welcome to Tnet, Alexander.

I don’t know what your item was for, but I believe it relates to a company in the State of Vienna (“Wien” in German) generally referred to as “St. Egydyer”. It looks like it might possibly be an employee badge.

The company had its origins as "Jakob Fischer" in Rehberg, Austria from 1775 as a manufacturer of sabre blades, spurs, files and other steel tools, expanding over the years, with factories in other places including the establishment of a hammer mill in 1793/4 at Sankt Aegyd am Neuwalde (St. Aegyd a. N) about 80km from Vienna.

In 1869 that part of the business transformed to a stock corporation named St. Egydy-Kindberger Eisen- und Stahl-Industriegesellschaft (St. Egydyer for short) and began using the “St. Aegyd” brand on their tools. They later became a specialist manufacturer of steel cables for things like cable cars and funicular railways.

The company ceased to exist under that name in 1979 when it merged with Carinthian Kestag to form Vöest-Alpine Tool and Wire AG.

I don’t recognise the coat of arms. It isn’t for any of the 23 municipal districts of Vienna, nor for the town of Sankt Aegyd am Neuwalde (see links below), so maybe it’s something specific to the company or relates to its heritage in another municipality.

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