Help identify this button.


Aug 7, 2021
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Can anyone help me identify this button. Was found on property with civil war / Indian war era buttons and coins. Montana area.


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Mud Hut

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Apr 23, 2014
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It may be an early Knights of St. John button.

RCU stands for "Roman Catholic Union"
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Apr 1, 2021
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Welcome to TNet!! Awesome button!!
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Jun 15, 2008
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I pulled these from other TN threads...

Tons of Livery Buttons including: Anchor, Animal Paws, Antelope, Antler, Badger, Barrel, Bear, Beaver, Bee and Beehive, Bird - Raven or Rook, Birds - Birds of Prey, Birds - Cockerel, Birds - Cornish Cough, Birds - Curlew, Birds - Doves, Birds - Ducks, Birds - Herons and Storks, Birds - Misc, Birds - Ostrich, Birds - Owls, Birds - Peacock, Birds - Pelican, Birds - Pheasant, Birds - Pheonix, Birds - Swallow/Swift/Martin, Birds - Swan/Goose, Boar, Bull, Burning Hill, Camel, Castle or tower, Cat, Cathedral, Centaur, Chapeau, Civil Coat of Arms, Coat of Arms, Cockatrice, Cornucopia, Crescent, Cross, Crown, Deer or Hart, Dogs - Greyhound or Lurcher, Dogs - Gun dogs, Dogs - Talbot, Dolphin, Dragons and Wyverns, Elephant, Feathers, Female Arms - lozenge, Female Arms - Scroll, Female Arms - Shield, Fire, Fish, Fleur-de-Lys, Flowers, Foreign Buttons, Globe, Goat, Grasshopper, Griffin, Hand, Hare, Harp or Lyre, Heart, Hedgehog, Hill (Burning), Holly, Horse, Human (Leg), Human arm (embowed), Human Arm (Erect), Human Arm (Misc), Human Figures (Demi), Human Figures (Head), Human Figures (Kneeling), Human Figures (Sitting), Human Figures (Standing), Ibex, Inanimate Objects, Laurel, Leaves, Leopard or Panther, Lions (Demi), Lions (Head), Lions (Misc), Lions (Rampant), Lizard, Lobster, Mermaid, Mitre, Monkey, Monograms and Initials, Ostrich, Otter, Palm branch, Peacock, Pegasus, Pineapple, Porcupine, Portcullis, Ram or Lamb, Rhino, Rock, Rose, Sail, Salamander, Scorpion, Sea Horse, Sea Lion, Shamrock, Shell, Ship, Snake, Sphinx, Squirrel, Stag (Demi), Stag (Head), Stag (Lying Down), Stag (Sitting), Stag (Standing), Star, Sun, Tent, Thistle, Tiger, Trees, Unicorn, Vine, Weapon (Baton), Weapon (Battle Axe), Weapon (Bow and Arrow), Weapon (Cannon), Weapon (Lance and Spear), Weapon (Pheon), Weapon (Sword and Dagger), Weapons (Caltrap), Weapons (Crossbow), Whale, Wheat, Wings, and Wolf.

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