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Jun 13, 2019
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Many many years ago we came across this rock in a cane field. Surrounding the rock was a patch of earth which had discolouration as if it was heat related.
The rock is of an egg formation (size of an emu's egg). Weights in at 879 grams. Its been said it looks to be volcanic, looks and feels like a lump of molten iron.

Just wanted to get some thoughts around it.

Pic1.JPG Pic2.JPG


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Apr 23, 2011
Butte City, Montana
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Pretty much impossible to identify. Try a hardness, and streak test, maybe take some pics in natural light. Although I don't think that would help with identification, as it is apparently weather/water worn into the shape that it is now, which makes identification even more difficult.
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Kray Gelder

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Feb 24, 2017
Georgetown, SC
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I gather from your post a suggestion that it was hot when it arrived in the spot you found it. Did it come from outer space? No. It definitely would have buried itself, and kicked up a substantial crater moving at a minimum of a few hundred mph. When you say cane field, do you mean an agricultural field planted with cane? That means the stone has been in the field a long time, and was kicked up by a tractor. You would need to look inside. Sure can't tell from the pics. Interesting egg shaped object. Good luck.
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Apr 22, 2018
Iberville Parish, Louisiana
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"Cane Field" would generally indicate either South Louisiana, or South Florida.
If either, it would definitely be an aberration in that type of Ag Field.
Very interesting piece, would love to see better pics from more angles in natural light.
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