Help Unmarked Silver Silver Plated Antique Flatware?


Mar 11, 2014
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Hi. I am hoping you can help me with this. I came across what looks like Antique Flatware. This flatware has no markings on it. I did take it to a jewler and had it tested to see if it was silver. They did a stone test? They rubbed the flatware on a black stone it made a white mark then they put chemicals on the mark and it turned red I think. So I am assuming it is at least silver plated, they just said it was silver, I guess I should have had them be more specific as to weather it was solid or plated. This is a very unusual looking set, it may be hand made, I have never seen anything like it. It appears to be glass and silver. I got it at an estate sale. I am attaching pictures. Anyone that can give me any information or direct me as to where I can find information it would be greatly appreciated. Let me know if you need any additional information.
I am just curious as to what its worth, and really curious as to its orgin and what it dates back to. Also how do I know if it is solid verses plated silver without damaging it.


Seems to me they already tested it and its sterling silver. Its in usable condition so the value is over melt price. You should expect to get a little under an ounce for each piece if you sold it for melt. Its a nice set and you should at least get double melt value for it... The only other way to test if its plated is to. File down deep on an unnoticeable area on one of the pieces and put the acid there. If it stay's bright red than its for sure sterling. You'll damage the piece so, I would have taken the first offer the people who tested it gave me.

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