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Jan 22, 2013
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I found these yesterday & am new to civil war relics. I need help with everything but the Mercury Dime. I appreciate the help! Here is some info on pics:

1. 1937 Mercury Dime
2. Pistol Bullet, 1/4 inch all around, is it a 36 caliber? I've never found a bullet so small.
3. Is some sort of metal piece I found with a curve, 1 3/4 inch long almost 1/4 inch thick. I scraped the top of it when digging (see photo)??
4. Is a buckle of sorts? I'm a horse person & this looks like a strap buckle for the belly but seems small??
5. Is a brass ring, I'm sure off of a horse or mule and it's 2.5 inches wide.



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Feb 24, 2006
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Littlenester, welcome to the forum. :)

I've been a civil war relics digger and dealer for nearly 40 years. Unfortunately, I have to tell you that none of your four finds can be definitely identified as civil war relics. All of them can be civilian-usage, from before, during, and long after the civil war. You say the lead ball is 1/4-inch "all around," so it is a buckshot, not a pistol-ball. (Also, because you asked... an unfired .36-caliber pistol ball measures about .36-to-.37-inch.) I do not recognize the flat-sided chunk of grey metal as any kind of civil war military relic. The two iron objects do seem to be from horsegear, but there's no way to "date" such simple iron objects with much accuracy. Multi-millions of civilians used horses into the 1930s. Sorry, I genuinely do wish I had happier news for you. Please don't be discouraged... keep digging, and perhaps next time the ID of your finds will be good news.

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