Mar 4, 2020
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I am Brazilian and I would like your help. I found a dagger handle, a button and a spoon. Do you know about their date?
Near the handle of the dagger I found a 1735 coin and the button.
The spoon went elsewhere.
Thank you for your help.

20200304_181302.jpg 20200304_181312.jpg 20200304_181136.jpg 20200304_181151.jpg 20200304_181215.jpg 20200304_181241.jpg 20200304_181249.jpg


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Mar 2, 2018
Todds Point, IL
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That's a Spanish dagger. Although it looks like a kitchen knife, it is not. The top of the blade is thick. I bought an old dagger that was unfinished from the factory. I finished it and here it is. Ivory handles. Also a pic from the Caribbean of an obvious Spanish dagger found by someone detecting. The Spanish dagger was the model Bowie used to make his knives. The last pic is my knife on a book that shows knives made by Bowie, and how they are similar. Gary

DSC08867.JPG spanish dagger.jpg DSC08874.JPG

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Oct 12, 2006
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The button backmark says "RICH ORANGE COLOUR ". There are more letters but I can't read all of them.

That type button was made from the late 1700's up until the 1840's.

richorangecolor button.jpg

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