Heres a legend from my home island

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Aug 12, 2010
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The year was 1361 an the king of Denmark Waldemar Atterdag was marching in threw the gates of Wisby at the island Gotland. The story tells that Waldemar held Wisby to ransom and he's knight did put out 3 big beer tubs and the citizens of the city Wisby would fill this up with jewelry,gold,silver and other treasures within 3 sunmarkings.
It was some battle when the Danish arrived on Gotland, but the final battle outside Wisbys walls between farmers and the Danish army did led to 6 massgraves outside the walls estimated casualties on the farmers was estimated to 1800 dead. And the story contain that some of this ships did not make the hole way back to Denmark, that one or more of this sunk somewhere between the smaller islands just outside Gotland Lilla and stora Karlsö.

And a nother ending is possible, that a maiden was in love with the Danish king, and after a night of passion he asked her gently to open a gate at night to his promise to her that she would be folowing him back to Denmark. After the king and his army marched in and robbed the city they jailed the maiden and walled her in alive in one of the towers on Wisbys wall, knowend as the maiden tower.

This legend is cool, but the graves is real, but about the ships that sunk ed?
I can say that archeologist's and divers has searched for the treasure but have not find anything. Its hard to know if its true or not tho nothing of this is not writted so much on.

Any one know this story?
Sorry for my bad Eng!

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