Highbanking in southern Oregon allowed?


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Apr 4, 2013
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Highbanking on a river bar requires an individual joint State/USACE permit there were a few people 10-12 years ago that had them.
Above the High water line is supposed to have the WPCF600 but no new permits have been issued since 2016, for those that had them
they have been administratively extended, approval for a wash plant under a BLM PoO would require one, since the weekend miner can't get one,
is someone requiring you have one, is a LEO going to ask probably not, I just tell people to play dumb, as long as you are not discharging to the stream.
keep a copy of the 600 handy if asked just say it's administratively extended, it's up to them to prove anything
and most miners know the laws more than them, most likely the worse that would happen is they ask you to stop.

in-stream in non-ESH the 700PM NPDES allows highbankers/combos only if they are on floats (limited areas & $500)
they also want you to download and have a copy handy for non-motorized sluicing

for removal/fill digging below the high water line there is a 50 cubic yard exemption but if in ESH it is one CY per spot 5CY per stream.
or you can get the free general authorization from DSL for up to 25CY in ESH salmon habatat
this link also has a list of hands & pans under restricted rivers, panning is not considered mining.

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