Hit Big Silver!


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Nov 15, 2017
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It happened again. Same place, same diggin partner. Ironman says" let's change out the big coils to the 11" coils and hit these trashy spots. Remember don't dig anything less than 6" on the screen".

We start. I dig a 6" memorial penny, a fired modern bullet and work my way over to a area by the brush.Trash readings everywhere, right in the middle of this the CTX chirps a hightone and the screen shows 01-45 10" deep. Good signal both ways. Hard to pinpoint because of the abundance of trash signal. I dig, pull the plug about 7" down. Run the pointer over the plug,nope, still in the hole. Dig another couple inches and a big silver pops out.

I stroll over with my best pimp walk and hand drop it in his hand. I don't have my glasses on and he says "wow at Franklin". The second one I've dug since 1975. I was absent from coin hunting from 1980-2018. Concentrated on relic hunting.

I didn't mention in my previous post "Hit Gold" that the Ironman is a tough competitor. I can only think of one time since 2018 that I skunked him. I dug 13 silver rosie's out of one hole with my new CTX. We have been going diggin almost 2 times a month since 2018. After diggin the gold, I know I got this episode sewn up. Nope, he pops a slick 1893 Barber and a early teens wheatie out of the same hole at the end of the day.

Back to the "Hit Big Silver". He has dug 5 wheats and I've only dug 2. We leave and grab some lunch. We git back and within 30 minutes I dig a 1903 V nickle. I'm back in the game.

About a hour later we meet up and Ironman says" did you get my text?" I reply nope. I look and I got this message "I'm not trying to go tit for tat with you!" with a picture of a big silver still in the side of the hole. Ok what is it ? It's a Walker 1943.

Well I'll give it another try in a week or so.

The CTX is the machine! I'm starting to like this coin hunting. I'm starting not to liking Ironman........


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Sep 2, 2011
Denver, Colorado
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Sweet half. Thanks for the share and good luck next time out.


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Jul 2, 2012
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I stroll over with my best pimp walk and hand drop it in his hand.
I was over 100 yards away at the time, and I knew by his "pimp stroll" that he had something good. We had just talked about half dollars a few weeks earlier, and moreb said that he had only found one Franklin. Well, make that TWO now. The fact that he picked this one out THAT deep, and in an area strewn with pull tabs, was impressive. It showed both his skill and the capabilities of the CTX.

I was getting pretty worried as the sun started to sink that he would skunk me on this hunt. Then I swung over a 01-45 signal at 5 inches deep, and I was thinking half dollar all the way. I saw that big, silver reeded edge sticking out of the plug, and had to send him a quick text!

It is always a great hunt when you and your friend both come home with big silver.


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Feb 3, 2009
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Relic Hunting
Congrats on the big silver

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