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Nov 23, 2017
United States
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My friend Garren has opened my eyes to a new world. I've been busy for years and knew I loved fossil hunting and antiquing so getting a detector was on my list and I've found one and I'm getting serious about learning how to hunt. I found these cool little trinkets on my first dig Wednesday, November 22nd in Fort Worth, Texas at an old dump site. I think the bottles are my favorite then the marble and then the porcelain head. I had a blast making new friends and digging in the dirt! Thank you Jess and Garren.


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Very Cool Finds!


Welcome aboard and have fun :icon_thumleft:

Welcome to Tnet, to some a hobby to others an obsession. It appears the detecting bug bit you hard. Congrats on getting out and swinging the coil and pulling those finds.

Wait'll that first silver coin or ring pops up. 😁 Welcome to the obsession.

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Welcome from Wisconsin! Loving the relics!!

Very cool finds! :occasion14:

Welcome to the forum and to a fun time!

Welcome Aboard AmeWilliams! You didn't list your state (or country) in your profile. So, you might consider jumping over to Sub-Forums: Select Your Area.... for information (i.e., clubs, hunts, finds, legends, maps, etc.) directly related to your state (or country).

Hey Ame, looking forward to the next bottle dig......Jess

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