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May 19, 2024
Help ID the item on the left. Found last night amongst whole points, broken points and flakes. It is intentionally shaped. In the photo shown the center is raised, the sides have been knapped to form a circle. The reverse is flat, with a rounded rim. Randolph Co. WV

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Maybe they were trying to make something and it didn't work out. I personally can't say for sure because I'm not familiar with that material. I don't blame you for picking it up and asking about it. Put it in the "Maybe Something " Tupperware container or add it to the rock garden if you have one 👍

I see no signs of work by man, only random natural flaking by nature.
Not to say there are all complete artifacts in the photo but the majority likely have been touched by the hand of ancient man for a utilitarian purpose. I’d have to assume the OP can recognize a flaked edge the same as most folks with this interest (regardless of the photo quality). The shadows hint.

The stone could very well be an expedient chopper of some sort. Obviously not a named flaked projectile or a grooved axe.

In my mind context matters A LOT and that is something that does not come across at all in internet posts and pictures.

But hey you are welcome to your opinion. We all have them.

Just saying it could be….rather than dismiss all credibility a guy might have.

I see no signs of work by man, only random natural flaking by nature.
Here is a piece of hard stone where context has everything to do with why I picked it up.

Front living room..completely out of place for the geology. It was touched up on the edges for a purpose..a utilitarian piece. Easily could be a random piece of slate found in a rock pile - but not. It had a purpose. What was the purpose and can you find a similar artifact in a published paper? This is the stuff left behind after the 1960’s and 70’s folks gathered up the obvious projectile points, blades, scrapers, drills, mortars/pedestals, mano/metates, axes and celts.
Gotta turn rocks over and take a good look.

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