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Mar 17, 2013
mass North Attleboro
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Xp Deus,m-6 pinpointer, technetics t2ltd (had, whites v3i,minelab xterra 705,atpro,prism 4,sunray probe minlabe profind,garret propointer, f75ltd and many more)
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All Treasure Hunting
by far goes above and beyond I got my 705 xterra from keith shipping was very quick packaged very nice and threw in xtras,recently keith knew I was looking for a f75ltd and instead of doing the salesman act and trying to sell everything to me in the store like most salesman and sell you something totaly different he referred me to a friend of his blew that right there shows you he isn't out to take advantage of anyone he is in the hobby likes it just like the rest of us and does do his best to make the customers very happy, I'm one of them for sure

Thanks Chris! Sure hope your stolen detectors are recovered soon and you won't need to visit any of us vendors for a while. But if you do, we will be glad to help in any way we can.

I hope so i wont wont give up cuz soon.as i do they could show up,ya never know, I do very much apreciate you guys with out ur help in gettin me back up & goin not sure if id be able to get back in the hobby so soon, & for that I am.very thank ful

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