Im sick of finding GOLD!!!!!!!

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Oct 7, 2014
Whatcom Co, Washington
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I'm sick of finding GOLD!!!!!!!

I am extremely kidding, folks! Went out to the same field as my last post here with the gold ring. And what did I find today?? Well, MORE GOLD, and silver!! First up was this super tarnished 925 ring, it has a stone set that looks like a diamond, but I can never tell, so I never get excited about that, only that I found a silver ring. Next up (not shown) was an old Bellingham transit token good for "One School Fare", and last up was a gorgeous 14k religious pendant!!!!!! Since 2016, my gold to silver ratio is way off balanced leaning toward the gold complaints!
13403140_10154076697500791_8768832874890455010_o.jpg 13433136_10154076697505791_3364116077608755789_o.jpg 13458741_10154076697510791_5643646168315471304_o.jpg 13391649_10154076697495791_8693859953719588530_o.jpg


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Feb 29, 2016
NW Minnesota
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Yeah, WE'RE sick of you finding gold, too!! :laughing7:

Great finds! :thumbsup:

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