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May 20, 2017
King Co., WA
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Whites MXT
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On New Years Eve night, I took some friends to hunt on Duwamish Head - an area with lots of visitors, so potential of coins everywhere!

Yeah, well lots of people apparently thought of this, so it was a skunk hunt - but we had fun.

I collect fossils and found a good sized concretion which rang up hard on my MXT, so I picked it up. Back home, I dropped it in Dr Pepper to dissolve the concretion and wasn't I surprised at what I found!

Russia, Five Kopec, 1792 obv.jpg
Russia, Five Kopec, 1792 rev.jpg

No, no documentation on any Russian Ships in Puget Sound until 1798 - maybe.
So where did it come from?

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Oct 12, 2011
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i know this is an old thread but coins such as this and if this date range are attributed to Russian fur trading forts on the west coast. The southernmost being Fort Ross by San Francisco.

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