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Apr 25, 2014
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Protecting Locateable mineral entryman & prospectors and other Mining Law beneficiaries since Establishment.

Regarding mining, the State of Oregon promotes that Oregon “is open for resource business”. Contrary to this promotion, but consistent with its unlawfully prohibitive legislation, there is no risk capital assistance available for economic development of mining despite historical lawful obligations and duties requiring it.
To overcome these Governmental obstructions and myths, Jefferson Mining District presented to Baker County Regional Economic Development that from state-known conservative figures, of 11 known mines in Baker county $500 million annual out-of-ground wealth yield is available to create, by the state recognized 20:1 Economic Multiplier Effect for derivative business stimulation, 10 Billions dollars of economic growth annually in Baker county alone.
This presentation to the regional economic adviser of available but untapped production-based wealth value was met with antagonism and which did nothing to counter that the state actually has a not open for business attitude.
Jefferson Mining District will continue to press to make sure Oregon really is open for the businesses producers provide for and the local products people are currently deprived of.

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