In search of a prospecting buddy. El Dorado County


Sep 23, 2015
Pollock Pines
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Hey there, i have been out busting my back solo for quite a few weeks on my days off. I have a couple of spots I have been hitting but would like to do some hiking and find some better spots. I have a Bazooka prospector , snipe, sluices ect. 29 years old and am down to work from dawn to dusk! lets find some gold! I live in pollock pines but i am mobile and want to find some good areas in el dorado county.

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The Auburn Goldhounds are a fantastic club full of like minded folks. They have demos, lectures and outings and a great place to meet folks with equipment, claims and experience-Cheap also, not like these mega-groups and some Rights(wrongs )groups. Local clubs equal local knowledge and that's priceless-John

You should also check out the local metal detecting club The Sacramento valley detecting buffs, there are people there that are from your area and are into prospecting along with detecting. Good luck!

As John said... Get hooked up with a local club. They can show you what works in your area, you can make new friends with the same interest(s) and you get access to club claims. Use your club time to learn all you can as you continue to learn on your own. Mostly learn what resources are available to you and how to use them to your advantage. When it come to finding gold, knowledge is power! Expand your knowledge base as far as possible.

I'm in El dorado hills if you want to meet up some time just pm me

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