INSANE Last Hunt of the Season!


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Feb 8, 2015
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Hey y'all. The weather is getting warmer and the snakes will be coming out soon so the rockhounding season is officially over. Thankfully I was able to go on one last hunt. I didn't expect to find much of anything since the "smokey pocket" had already produced around 300 specimens. I was SO WRONG! Apparently, the mother load was just a bit deeper than the previous holes we had dug! We went about 3-4 inches deeper in our old holes and the ground absolutely EXPLODED! Super dark, pristine quality smokies started popping out everywhere! We even managed to snag a nice-sized garnet. Talk about an incredible end to the season!


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What a dig! Wow!

Those are top-quality specimens! If you are ever looking to part with a couple, please pm me. -Luke

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Godfrey Daniels man ! Get yourself a Pot Bellied pig for the snakes and keep digging !!

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Those are beautiful! How deep are you going? I am picking smoky up off the ground here, so I would think if we dug a bit we might have some luck.

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Thanks! If you find a bunch of smoky in one spot, I would dig anywhere from 2-16 inches down. I've found most of the dark clusters 6 inches and below.

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I second and third the Woooooowwww! Those are some really nice specimens and quite valuable. I wouldn't quit digging because of warmer weather and snakes because I would fear that the find would be discovered by someone else and everything dug up. Get you some Snake Gaiters (Chaps), tough or steel toed boots and Snake Arm Chaps (protectors) and then go at it. I agree that a Pot Bellied Pig will kill and eat most any snake or you could get you a Jack Russell Terrier as they are well known for being able to detect and take care of poisonous snakes. Some Feist Dogs are also good at detecting and killing snakes as well. Moth Balls placed in your dug holes and spread around the perimeters of the digs, will keep snkaes away as well.


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thehunter123, I been waiting for warmer weather to start my digging. Them crystals you are finding are so great I would charge a bear with a switch to get at more of them.LOL. Great finds. HH.

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Amazing crystals! I am with you though on calling season over, not enough gear or otherwise to guard from snakes!

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Hell with the heat and the snakes tape some cardboard around your ankles get back out there!

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Man that is some nice stuff :) Thanks.

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Those are BEAUTIFUL!!! Shoot- nothing could keep me from exhausting that pocket! Get a mongoose!

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