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Jul 9, 2016
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Can anyone help me identify the maker & age of these handles? I bought them a number of years ago from a little antique shop in Bay St. Louis. They weigh 6.6 & 6.8 oz and are both 5 1/2" x2 1/2". I think they are brass, but they don't have much tarnish. They have decorative engravings on the front & back & all parts are engraved with L. Pinet. The back of the handles have a small C engraved on them. Kind of fascinating to me that someone would go to such lengths to sign & engrave the backs when they must have been attached to something at one time. If anyone knows anything about these handles or L.Pinet please share.

Those are engraved in the mold before casting.

Something seems a bit off with those. They look new. Everything I've looked up concerning L. Pinet hardware has ALL had an aged look - which works out well, as the pieces are supposed to be 100+ years old. These look new. Reproductions?

I cleaned them and sprayed a clear laquer on them because I had them on sliding doors on a house we owned. They were not very corroded though, just dusty & dirty. I found them close to 20 years ago. Can you share where you found the info on L. Pinet?

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"Info"? There IS no apparent info on L.Pinet! It's as though nobody ever knew him. Spooky! :laughing7:

However, the holes in your handles are tapered, which looks to be for a more modern type of screw. Slotted flat head screws have been around for a very long time, but in the early screws, the angle of the head was rather sharp - not nearly as gentle as modern screws. This looks (to me) like a modern reproduction.

(about 3 hours later...)
Finally thought to do an image search for "L.Pinet hardware". I use the Bing search engine for images. Notice the holes in the listed antique hardware - they are just that....holes. No countersinking at all. I think that's what was most confusing me all this time.

I'm no expert(!!!) and I could very well be wrong about this, but I believe those to be reproductions. I can't find enough information on L.Pinet to get a grasp of the history there. About all I can find are existing samples of his (now) antique hardware. In any case, I have to stop looking. Eating into my monthly data allotment too much. :BangHead:

Another thing....on all of the really old pull handles I can remember (which isn't saying much! :tongue3:), the handles were solid. Yours has a design on the face, but is hollow on the back side of the handle. I think that is also a key that the piece is not antique. But again, I'm not an expert!

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