Aug 19, 2014
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This is a retired James Avery charm/pendant. I can find no info on it. There is not one like it posted on eBay that is current or sold. Seems to be vintage James Avery with how it's made compared to the more modern pieces. Any ideas on its name? Years it was made? Value?


I haven't been able to track this one down, either... if you've got one in your town, I'd suggest taking it in to a JA store, which is what I've done, in the past... they should be able to look it up and give you the original price and all that... and they'll polish it for you, for free! :)

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I had an old JA piece once and I wanted to know when it was made, as I couldn't find any info on it or a piece like it. I contacted the JA website and they replied, that for $12.00 they'd research the archives. I didn't pay the money and just put the piece on ebay and it sold for $90.00 I think it was. It was a fish with a cross pendant with a much larger JA candelabra mark then you see on today's pieces. I've looked for info on what you have and can find nothing to compare. Yours could be unique and limited in production. It certainly isn't a typical looking JA piece to me. Good Luck!

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