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Sep 16, 2013
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Hey guys, wanted to share a tip on a treasure hunting opportunity. This one’s a little unorthodox… It actually involves a live action TV series and your mobile device.

There’s a new show coming out soon called the Treasure Chronicles. It moves beyond traditional TV-watching and engages its audience in real and virtual treasure hunting.

Here’s a message from the show’s producers:
“We are offering viewers the chance to experience history during the inaugural season of the Treasure Chronicles. Get a head start against your competition by registering early. Your bonus points might help you claim your share of the lost treasure.”

The show has a live cast, and to accompany each season, every viewer has a chance to claim a stake of a real lost treasure — that is, if it’s found.

One of their treasure hunts involves the 19th Century Beale Ciphers, worth over $63 million USD:

You might want to check it out before too many people find out about it — I know I will.
The Treasure Chronicles


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Jun 15, 2008
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Primary Interest:
All Treasure Hunting
Welcome aboard from the great state of Pennsylvania (USA). I couldn't help but notice you have signed in a number of different Forums - leave you "Treasure Chronicles" announcement and never return.

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