Just back from mining claim


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Nov 28, 2008
Tillamook Oregon
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Spent several days down on my claim. This area has been hit pretty hard in the past but there is still color to be had. Just started getting into some better color when I ran out of fuel, ice in the cooler melted, ran out of food and puuled a muscle in my shoulder from moving some over size rocks, "OH" and don't forget the RATTLE snake I almost stepped on. Don't worry, he's in a better place now. Kinda starting to sound like a country song, my dog left me, the wife ran off with another man and so on and so on.
Well I had great weather, and I had a good time. Dredged 4 holes in a test grid to try and find that pay streak, and just when the color would start to pick up it would go away. I will try and spend more time next time.
I have a Google arial photo and am marking all my test holes to keep track of where I have been for future reference. This claim has two rivers on it and there is about a half mile of total river. There is gold in both rivers.
Maybe I will try the other one next time, it's a little smaller than the one I was in.
Here is my take for the trip and some pics. This is just what I panned out real fast, still have to go through three buckets of cons.


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Sounds like a good trip! WTG on the gold . :coffee2:

Nice shine! :thumbsup:
Hope the 3 buckets of cons hold a surprise or two for you! ;D

looks like some meat on some of those !

I had a few that didn't want to do into the snuffer bottle, I hate those kind of problems, "NOT". I hope the water level goes down a little before I hit it again, would like to hit some of those deeper holes.

get the large snuffer bottles , they work better for those problems !

very nice jog and keep us updated.
take care and be carefull out there. ron

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