Unpatented Oregon Gold Claim Plus Dredge for Sale

Hoser John

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Mar 22, 2003
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What is absolutely IMPERATIVE to a sale is the Mining claim numbers AND exact location to ascertain it's legality first-which is risiculiously missing by accident??? CAVEAT EMPTOR-buyer beware-John :dontknow:


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Nov 28, 2008
Tillamook Oregon
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Did a search on Geocommunicator and no active claim by that name near Ruch or Jacksonville. Did find a closed one with the name Paul's PMC. Maybe active now but not up to date in the system. I've seen a lot of these that get reclaimed and then sold before the ink is dry on the paper. If a person is interested make sure you get the ORMC# and ask to test pan the claim first, and get all the info in regards to the location,if they say no don't buy it. Do your homework!!!

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