Kicking a?? And cleaning house


Apr 29, 2005
Moorhead, MN
This past weekend, I was given the oppurtunity to prove how good my V3i really was. I found a city lot that recently had the house and all trees removed. After i got permission to detect the lot, I proceded to start. As I was going along, I started to notice the telltail signs that someone else had recently gone over this property. Not having anything else to do, i decided to continue on. It was a good thing I did. 2 mercs, 1 barber dime, 1 washington, and 2 wheats later, i finally finished. As I was putting stuff in my vehicle, the local neighbor came to visit. He proceeded to tell me that I was the 3rd person to go over this lot. I reached into my pocket and showed him what I had dug up. He was totally amazed at what I had found. Knowing that there was only a couple other people in the area who detected. The following day, I contacted him and asked if he was there other party who had recently went through this particular spot. He confessed that he and his brother had gone through this spot. They both run Minelab Explorers. When I asked if they found much when they went through here, he stated that all they found was 1 wheat and a few memorials. I couldn't help myself. I just had to rub it in about how good my V3i really was. To top it off, I went through 1 more lot that he had previously done that same day and pulled 1 more merc and 4 wheats. It just reenforces my decision to go with Whites.


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Aug 10, 2009
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Congrats on the great finds, I feel the same way about my MXT, I wouldn't trade it for any other detector. HH


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Jun 10, 2007
Southwest Michigan
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Today I'm going to a hammered old football field from a local high school that's been gone since the 60's that's been hunted since metal detectors came out. The last time that I hunted this spot was early this spring and there was another guy there trying his luck with his Etrac. It's really tough hunting in this spot because when the football field has a lot of ground up cinder in it which I think was probably from the old coal burners from the school. I was hunting out in the middle of the field and he came out there and said that he couldn't get any kind of a decent signal, well a couple hours later I had two merc's in my pocket and he did manage a wheat penny on the sidelines. I had recommended the side lines earlier because there isn't any cinder up there like out in the middle of the field. Knowing your machine has a lot to do with it too. Hopefully they have mowed or else I won't even be able to hunt it.


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Jul 27, 2006
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No matter what detector you use if you dont get the coil over it, your not going to find it.

I can hunt behind someone and find a target hunter in front missed, did his detector miss it because i found it and he didnt if it wasn't deep masked by iron or did he not get his coil over it?

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