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Dec 20, 2012
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Hi all,
Found this (what looks to be a lead weight) the other day, forget where I found it as I was in a few different fields and I found a gold half sovereign, so I was all excited about that and didn't bother with the other finds. It is solid lead and has stripes going all the way around it (like a design). I have included a picture of it beside a U.S Quarter and a UK 20p. It has no apparent loops(Where a string or rope etc might have gone through) but it may be something. Found with Teknetics EuroTek pro in Ireland. Its about 3 cms long. Sorry about the unclear images.

Any indication of a wire hanger on top? Looks like it might be a weight from some kind of scale. I have no idea what Silver Searcher is talking about,

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I am thinking it is a home made trotline weight.

Someone use a small tin can as a mold and the can has either been removed or rusted away.

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The OP found a gold coin some time ago and mentioned it in his post, so Silver Searcher is saying "who cares about your lead, show us your gold coin".

Silver Searcher, he did, find his latest started threads, its there.
Ok I missed that thread, will take a look. As for the lead it's of some thing modern it's not old, perhaps stock lead for soldering.


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