Logging Hunt in Northeast Michigan


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Jul 13, 2015
Alpena County, Michigan
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I know logging is a MAJOR part of Alpena's history..let alone, the state of Michigan..and William Boeing's father has ties to the town, or more or less, has left a trace there by accident in his logging career...on Google Earth, look just a ways northeast of the Lafarge Alpena cement plant. If you can...per se, read the fine print...you'll see what I'm talking about. Here's a hint to finding delivate treasure on an unforgiving owner's land: (the missing word is the name of the creek near the land...make the tense of the word to describe a person from the place.)
The M1903 Springfield rifle was the standard issue rifle during WWI. It was chambered in the .30-06 cartridge and is a classic hunting rifle today. It is based off of a combination between the German Mauser G98 and Krag Jorgensen rifles. I have left out the country of origin of the Krag for reasons of answering my little puzzle for you treasure hunters. Enjoy!

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