Looking for ground balance tech info maybe better luck in this thread

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Jun 16, 2022
Had posted about gb in Florida soil and someone replied who hunts here as well and said the soil is neutral here.
So trying to understand how gb on detectors work in neutral soil. If someone who has technical expertise on the issue can answer this question thanks
Here is the question then when the soil is neutral where do you set the gb then assuming you have a machine
where you are supposed to set it before detecting?
Or does it just not matter where it is set at in that case.
Not exactly sure how the physics behind it work.
Like a machine with fixed gb or auto does it just not do anything at that point and is basically a mute point.
Theoretically then you can use any detector in neutral soil and not have to worry about ground balancing and they will not be affected?
Not having to worry about any gb would open you up to a much bigger selection and then just have a separate detector specifically for beach and salt water like a PI machine
I get the need for it in mineralized soil to adjust to work better but not understanding
ing and affecting the detector.


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Jun 15, 2008
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