Mathew storm, Finds?


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Dec 25, 2015
Treasure coast Fl.
Detector(s) used
Fisher 1236-x2, fisher cz3d and cz 20, tesoro golden sabre II
Primary Interest:
All Treasure Hunting
There's no cuts, i've been hunting up and down the treasure coast on the 1715 plate fleet beaches...very high tides...the dunes are cut way up the beach, but the sand is washed away and the tides and rough surf preclude wading and even make sand hunting hard. hits on anything (one corroded zinkin), except a strange rusted round object a little bigger than a silver dollar coin. It has a raised rusted button on both sides, and is heavy...too heavy to be steel. The edge appears to be segmented, like two halves together. Mystified. Very old, very rusted. I can'tfind my tumbler, will keep looking, but what I really need is an electrolisys bath for it. It's probably nuthin.

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