Metal Detecting as a Public Service - Exhibit A


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Jul 22, 2013
Wake County (Raleigh Area), North Carolina
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Minelab Explorer SE PRO, Fisher F2, Garrett Pro Pointer, Lesche Digger, Fisher Metal Sand Scoop
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All Treasure Hunting
Hi Everyone,

For anyone who says we are just "treasure hunters" out to steal stuff that other people left behind, I present:

Exhibit A: Large knife found in 2 inches of sand at the beach, with blade stuck open.


I found this yesterday on Topsail Island Beach in North Carolina (one of the few beaches in NC where it's "legal" to metal detect), along with about 25 bottle caps and 12 tent stakes (which could also be dangerous given the right angle and a beach jogger's foot). Also found exactly one cent in coins.

Anyway, thought I would share. I will use this example anytime someone gives me a hard time...

Also, one tidbit I learned - the part of the beach I was hunting was not near a public access area, which means the people there were coming from private homes (and thus unlikely to have any change in their pockets to drop). As a result, I found no coins, nor that illustrious horde of pirate's treasure that should have been there. ???

- Bill

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Great find, and it's a good thing you got that picked up. MD'ers clean up a lot more than people realize. We are always picking up sharp objects, glass, nails and so on. It's great you caught this.

Side note, it's not a switchblade. A switchblade has a spring loaded blade, this is an ordinary folding pocket knife. Still dangerous when left open.

I can't see any marks, but at the base of the blade are usually makers marks. Some knifes you find can be very valuable.

I'd be glad to take those caps off your hands!

Oh, and nice knife! Pity that someone left it there on the beach, but I don't feel bad for them since they left it in a dangerous position. Anyways, nice find! Congrats and HH!

It looks like a Buck, but its definately NOT a switchblade.

I'm trying real hard to imagine damage done to sand with a metal detector. NOPE. Nothing. Hmm.

I'm trying real hard to imagine damage done to sand with a metal detector. NOPE. Nothing. Hmm.

That's easy. Ya see, the magnetic waves that are forced into the sand dislodges part of it's gravity and when a hurricane comes up, the sand gets swept into the ocean much easier. :dontknow:

Good job on the cleanup , Lumbergh!!


Glad you brought this topic up! :icon_thumright: I've found two rigidly open knives under beach sand, very sharp. Plus frequent large rusty nails, broken glass, a few bullets, etc. One of the things that burns me the most is recently smashed booze bottles lying scattered in jagged sharpness where kids love to run barefoot and dig in the sand! Booze hounds who love to smash their bottles should only be sold booze in plastic unbreakable baby bottles! grrrr. About 50 miles north of us, used drug needles are often tossed on the beach, but luckily that scourge hasn't hit our beaches yet. If people don't respect themselves or other adults, they should at least respect & protect the kids!

On a lighter note, the reason you didn't dig the pirate's treasure today is because my cousin dug it yesterday, lol. Unfortunately, though, just chocolate patties wrapped in foil, no real gold Spanish coins this time.
:tongue3: Andi

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