Micah from Maine


Jun 8, 2014
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All Treasure Hunting

I'll be honest, I probably won't be a regular user of this website, although the more I look around the more my curiosity is piqued! I wanted to check in with this group to see if someone could help me identify a piece of metal I discovered yesterday while on a hike. There's nothing exotic or particularly unique about it, I would just like to know what it came from.

About me: I am definitely a natural born treasure hunter, starting from the moment I could walk. I was that little kid who turned over every rock at the beach hoping (and slightly expecting) to find some rare coin or jewel. To this day my curiosity and passion for exploring still have a home in my heart, and I still look under (almost) every rock at the beach.

Thanks for reading!


Welcome aboard Micah! Take a look at Sub-Forums: Maine for information (i.e., clubs, etc.) directly related to your state.

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