❎ SOLD Mounts for Garrett Propointer Minelab Profind and Sun Ray Probes 5 AVAILABLE


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Sep 30, 2012
Bloomington Indiana
Detector(s) used
E-TRAC & TESORO GOLDEN SABRE II---ETRAC COILS :SEF 10x12, SEF 6x8, X-5, Detech 8" concentric, ,--- TESORO COILS- 12x10 TOOLS: Lesche, Profind 25, Garrett Propointer
Primary Interest:
All Treasure Hunting
Mounts for Garrett Propointer Minelab Profind and Sun Ray Probes: rotates 360 degrees

Heavy duty: fits all mentioned above. Easy access: rotate towards you and slide out after kneeling to ground. Mount stays at that angle until you slide or pop pinpointer back in, then just rotate back into straight position and continue detecting. Shown mounted on Etrac square upper shaft and will easily fit on round 7/8" shafts.
(With the Sun Ray probes, 2 mounts make it more secure but one mount will suffice).
ALSO If you use a strap or harness it can be attached at top of mount on screw: I use the Detecting Buddy harness/strap with mine, makes it weightless. Please see pictures.

$6.50 each---Paypal only---FREE SHIPPING---Contact me here or PM if interested

2 left!

Thanks 1948 Silver Dime------ EVERYONE ELSE: ONE LEFT!

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