Need Help Finding the best Teachers


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Apr 30, 2006
Vancouver - WA
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Hi all .. i realy want to learn to dive and get certified but to do so i need the Location of a great teacher in the Portland Oregon Area ?? any one have any ideas ...

at the same time if any one could tell me what is the best Equipment to dive with in shallow areas ?? i am thinking 50-100 feet at the most.



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Oct 10, 2006
Coastal, NC
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Good internationally recognized training organization.

As far as the gear, they can help guide you, also you might wish to pick up a copy of Skin Diver or some other dive magazines.


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May 20, 2004
Satellite Beach
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I agree w/ NC Brad go with a PADI instructor. These Instructors are trained to a standard and operate out of a standard syllabus. However, remember that these dive shops don't make the bulk of there income from offering dive instruction. They make the bulk of there income from equipment sales, so they will try to steer you in the direction of the equipment brands that they carry. I'm not saying that they will try to dump cheap gear on you. However, you will need to do as Brad said, check out the annual gear reports in the dive magazines, and talk to some experienced divers not affiliated with the dive shop, or even better, like I did when I got started, Just Rent the gear, trying something new each dive until you are satisfied that you are getting the best piece of equipment for your money.
Remember, you are betting your life on this gear, so make the most informed and educated decision you can before you hand that card to the cashier.

For me I got a new Zeagle Ranger BC last season, a good BC, but a little difficult to deal with on the surface. However, it meet all my expectations below the surface, with no interference with my Excalibur while working the bottom. Other than a new mask and snorkel, the bulk of my gear is almost 10 years old and outdated. But it still works good.


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